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Friday, 30 March 2012

Easter break already!

This year has flown and no mistake! Team PromoPack have done us all proud here at CCAD & those babies (rather gorgeous little wallets of talent on disks) are off to the Big Apple very soon.

I finally managed to get 3 scarves into the Folio shop yesterday thanks to the nimble fingers of Rachael Johnson (http://johnsonrachael.blogspot.co.uk/) and Becca Wilson (http://textilesbybex.blogspot.co.uk/). Cheers girls.

Kudos to Pauline Easby (http://embroidererspicnic.blogspot.com), creator of incredible embellished textile stories; thanks for the mention Queen - your work's not too shabby either!

This Easter break is gonna be a time of reflection, evaluation and new layout hand cramp, methinks.

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