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Friday, 30 March 2012

Easter break already!

This year has flown and no mistake! Team PromoPack have done us all proud here at CCAD & those babies (rather gorgeous little wallets of talent on disks) are off to the Big Apple very soon.

I finally managed to get 3 scarves into the Folio shop yesterday thanks to the nimble fingers of Rachael Johnson (http://johnsonrachael.blogspot.co.uk/) and Becca Wilson (http://textilesbybex.blogspot.co.uk/). Cheers girls.

Kudos to Pauline Easby (http://embroidererspicnic.blogspot.com), creator of incredible embellished textile stories; thanks for the mention Queen - your work's not too shabby either!

This Easter break is gonna be a time of reflection, evaluation and new layout hand cramp, methinks.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Some more stuff

I'm still working on more designs - and layouts and kodatraces (my favourite!) but progress has slowed as working on scarves for our fabulous shop 'Folio' here in Church Square has taken priority.
Pictures of these will follow shortly (as soon as they're ironed, to be accurate) but here's a couple of new furnishing prints I've whipped up.

The pink sample has a funky batik ground but isn't yet finished; all it needs is my skill as a Photoshopper to add linear detail and sort out the printroom mishaps (which sadly happen to the best of us). The batik took AGES so I'm definitely not wasting that!

The other two samples are the same design in two colourways which are off on holiday to Nu Yawk for Easter at Printsource. It's a sad day indeed when your work goes Stateside but you don't!