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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Another module under the belt and oh the post hand-in regrets! Coulda shoulda woulda...you know how it is. There just aren't enough hours in the day, sadly.
Anyhoo, the mood for this collection of garment shapes is 'domestic goddess' - how ironic! I'm a bit of a vintage girl - all jokes aside - so this starting point appealed to me.
Embroidery's something I find very Zen but the glacial speed at which I can sew tiny stitches and sequins is pretty frustrating when a deadline looms.
They've all gone off to gay Paree without me and if I'm lucky - or not, as the case may be - I shan't see them again. It's a funny thing to spend so much time creating something and, however ambivalent I may feel about the finished article, know that I've let it out into the big, bad world without me. I'm obviously anally retentive. Mind you, anyone who's seen my groaning drawers full of delicious vintageness will tell you that. Perhaps I'll start taking photos of my clothes (not sure about the amount of ironing that's going to involve) and uploading them onto my blog for all to see.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Well looky here! Finally we have a bit of an old mish-mash of stuff I did an awfully long time ago and some things that I've done since Autumn term here at CCAD. Since checking out some of the outrageous shenanigans going onout there in the real world - all the heinous copycatting about and that - I thought I'd pop a couple of images on just so that I can proudly say that they're the fruits of my labour (no matter how rubbish they are).
More of this exciting stuff to come but I'll drip feed you and add more soon.
Be seeing you!