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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Minor Project - botanical fanatical

Here's some of my first samples - not yet complete. As ever I'm creating abstract patternage from enlarged observational drawings of flora - this project is focussed on seedpods and strange nut-like stuff that falls out of trees.

I'm not keen on the colours going on in the red sample - the green's meant to be bluey-green - it's too Christmassy as is and also a bit too overpowering. Nearly there.

In the Summer I discovered the 'Whimsical World of David Weidman' (all hail!) whose groovy serigraphs and illustrations are just the MOSTEST! His amazing colours (which will inform all my work from now till I die) and patterns inspired the idea to layer colours and image instead of using opaque colour separations.

Check out his royal amazingness at www.weidman.gallery.com/cgi-local/artwork

If you like animation I can recommend no-one finer than my very good friend Janet Brandon, whose hand-drawn stop-animation films and eerie soundtracks have a beautiful, haunting quality I love (she'll cringe when she reads this!).
Check her out on www.vimeo.com/trickfilm

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  1. Hi Ingrid, just looked up David and his work, fab stuff you can't help but be inspired!! I did seed pods etc for my major and thoroughly enjoyed investigating it and using it creatively!